Update to 911 Emergency Service and sending pre-recorded emergency messages to 911 and emergency family and friends contacts

The recent shooting in Uvalde, Texas made me think that a person who has a smartphone or smartwatch should be able to automatically send a pre-recorded emergency message to 911 and emergency contacts family and friends. In an emergency situation like a shooting rampage or an abusive spouse where a person can't talk and want to send an emergency pre-recorded message if they can't talk or don't want to be heard by the attacker.

I believe that the 911 emergency service should be updated to receive these pre-recorded messages or texts. Today I posted this in a tweet and sent it to the Richmond Police, CNN, VCU, Apple, Samsung and etc. We need to think of ways to help someone who is incapacitated.

At this time, I am not good enough to create this app, but I would like to work with a university or company on making this happen. I use C# and would have to learn Xamirin to develop an android or ios app.

911 Emergency should 1. Receive the pre-recorded message and know the phone number the person used 2. Pull up their driver's license or state id and get their street address 3. GPS location where the call came from 4. Get family and friends' emergency contact numbers 5. Receive pictures of the caller


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