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Random Thoughts - 4/24/2024

I started Jackson D.W. to work for myself. I have a new company and I need to put down on paper what direction I want it to go, how I will make money, and my goals and dreams for this business.   My goals for my company are  1. Teach C# and other programming languages   and operating systems. Some of my videos will be free on YouTube. But I will upload some to Udemy, a site where users can pay for your educational videos. 2.   Work to improve the Professor app that I created. This is my tool for teaching. In this Windows app, you can take my course The Jackson D.W. C# training course (On Youtube). Also, you can listen to the news, play games, and listen to music. I've got to work out the legalities of that. Please note this app is free. 3. Do IT consulting for various companies. I would be a self-employed Consultant. I'm not looking to create a consulting firm. 4. Write and sell Computer and Business books.   I self-publish my books through Amazon KDP so this is another aven