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I removed the Prince Fan 2 app from my blog

 I put in a request to Univeral Music Group to use Prince's music and likeness in my app.  You actually have to license his music. I told my contact I was a one-man shop and could I partner with Universal to improve the app and officially release it. My contact told me they could not entertain my request at this time. I don't want to be sued so I removed the app from my blog and my web server host.

Started working on handled NewWindow event

 Okay so about two weeks ago I bought EO.Webrowser from It is a fully functional web browser that you can embed as a control in your Winforms applications. However if you click on a link that tries to open a new window you have to handle the NewWindow event. I just started working on it today and once I figure it out I will update the Prince Fan 2 app and The Muni Long Experience app.