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Essential Objects inc recommended a different solution for the New Window Event Error

 I had posted my fix in a prior post to the Essential Objects support forum. They said that was not the normal way to handle that error. Here is the code: //Step 1: //Create a new Form with a blank WebControl //This new Form is the popup window Form form1 = new Form(); EO.WinForm.WebControl webControl = new EO.WinForm.WebControl(); webControl.Dock = DockStyle.Fill; form1.Controls.Add(webControl); //Step 2: //Put the new WebView (created by the browser engine) //in the new blank WebControl webControl.WebView = e.WebView; //Step 3: //Display the new Form form1.Show(); //Step 4: //Notify the browser engine that you "accept" (and display) //the popup e.Accepted = true ;

Fixed the Handle New Window Event

 To solve this problem I did the following. 1. Click on Form1.cs Designer 2, Clicked webView1 and looked at properties on right side of the screen. 3. Clicked on The Events icon. 4. Scrolled down to NewWindow and clicked on NewWindow then I hit menu selection and selected   webView1_NewWindow 5. that method was added and I typed the following in the method:    webcontrol1.WebView.Url = e.TargetUrl;

I removed the Prince Fan 2 app from my blog

 I put in a request to Univeral Music Group to use Prince's music and likeness in my app.  You actually have to license his music. I told my contact I was a one-man shop and could I partner with Universal to improve the app and officially release it. My contact told me they could not entertain my request at this time. I don't want to be sued so I removed the app from my blog and my web server host.

Started working on handled NewWindow event

 Okay so about two weeks ago I bought EO.Webrowser from It is a fully functional web browser that you can embed as a control in your Winforms applications. However if you click on a link that tries to open a new window you have to handle the NewWindow event. I just started working on it today and once I figure it out I will update the Prince Fan 2 app and The Muni Long Experience app.