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Essential Objects Admin solved my problem with the EO Web Browser

 When I tried to view my C# tutorials, I would get an error, "Your browser can't play this video." The Essential Objects Admin replied, " Please check if you enabled proprietary codec support:" Their document states you need to add this line of code: //Enable proprietary media formats support EO.WebEngine.Default.Options.AllowProprietaryMediaFormats(); After I added that line and ran the app, I was able to view all of my C# Tutorials with no problems. For more info click this link to view my post on EO's forums. This update also fixes the problem of playing videos on formerly known as Twitter. I've updated The Professor 2 app. My main focus is The Professor app. I am not going to update the other apps since I never heard back from the artists. Doing those apps was a great learning experience.

Uploaded The Professor 2 app

 Because of an error where I could not view most of my C# tutorials in the Professor app, I had to implement a workaround where I opened the tutorials in the user's default browser. I posted this before, but the command to do that is Process.Start("url");