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Clear Browsing Data solved a problem opening Documents in the Apps

In several of my apps users can view documents(PDFs) that I have stored on Google drive.  Recently whenever I would try to open the document it would hang and I would get a spinning circle.  Since the embedded browser is an older version of Internet Explorer. I opened Internet Explorer and cleared the browsing data and that solved the problem.

Promoting my twitter posts

I have a tweet where I give the url for my Joe Biden Supporter app.  To promote it I paid the minimum $50.  Minutes later I got a message from Twitter that they had stopped my twitter ad campaign because they say it violates their Ad Policies.  This is very upsetting to me and the fact that no matter what I post I rarely get likes and comments.  My plan is to use this blog more and get off  of twitter and facebook. Click HERE to download the Joe Biden Supporter App.


I KNOW LESS IS MORE, BUT MORE IS SCARY. SO THE MORE FEEDBACK I GET, THE SCARIER I GET, AND I DON'T LIKE HORROR. SO YOU KNOW WHAT'S WHAT - Derrick W. Jackson Learning something new can be intimidating and scary like the villian Jason from the Friday the Thirteenth Movies.  I am very inspired right now and the the more views and comments that I get the scarier I'd become.  I want to be scary and I want the write the best horror movie ever.  My Apps and training videos for the C# Programming Language.


The Old fairy tale when the hare raced the turtle and the hare lost because he was goofing off while the faithful turtle kept walking to the finish line.

Getting a Digital Certificate for your company

When ever my app's setup runs the first time I get the message that this app was created by an unknown Publisher.  To resolve this you need to get a digital certificate from a company like Digicert or Verisign costs anywhere between $100-$400 dollars a year.  You then have to update you setup with that signature. Visit

INNO Setup Compiler

For those Windows developers who can't afford install shield there is a free alternative, INNO Setup Compiler.  Once you click new the Setup Wizard will guide you through creating your setup.exe. Visit  this is the company that created INNO Setup Compiler.

The Faith App

The Faith App created by Jackson D.W. is an app where you can view inspirational gospel videos, listen to gospel radio, and view the New Testament.  You can also read an illustrated bible verses book which covers from Jesus' birth to Resurrection.

The Kiss Richmond Fan App

Kiss Richmond 99.3/105.7 is an urban radio station in Richmond, VA.  This app was created as a tribute to the radio station.  Of course the programming language used was C# and the IDE Visual Studio. 

Goals for Jackson D.W.

With me being a one man shop right now I have to take my time with app development.  1 man can only produce so many apps.  It also gives me the chance to really learn the C# programming language.  As I journal setting up Jackson D.W. and the Projects I undertake, I want to make it fun, entertaining and definitely educational.

Applied for a Trademark for Jackson D.W.

I've changed my career direction about 2 months ago.  I'm back to doing Windows App Development using Microsoft Visual Studio and C# programming language.  I want to focus on eventually doing C# training videos, app development, and finally consulting.