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America The Beautiful

  Years ago I was mad at the world. Upset with my community. Events have made me realize over and over that America is the greatest country in the world.

 Just a note, the Stack Overflow website is a great resource for developers. I learned how to play wav files in C# and more. This site is a needed toolkit for your C# development and more. Click here to visit . 

Made Jackson D.W. Legal

 A couple of weeks ago, I applied for my LLC for Jackson D.W. I used Legal Zoom. I also made Legal Zoom my registered agent and got the Legal plan. It cost approximately ***.  I had to do this before paying Digicert so I could sign my apps, and I was lucky my name, Jackson D.W., wasn't taken. I should have done this before I spent money on other business-related things. I still have to get my local business license in Richmond, Virginia.