WELCOME to my App Development website

I've started back developing and I hope to develop apps for people who want a hard worker and someone dedicated to doing the best he can.  Also Jackson plans to create C# training videos in the future.  Thank you for taking the time to check out my company website.

Need a New Laptop

 Because my HP laptop crashed, I have to buy a new laptop. The old one needs a new battery and hard drive. Fortunately, the repair shop I am working with will be able to copy my files from that pc.  I should have acted sooner on the battery issue, and I should have had backups to the cloud, using a solution like It will be several months before I can get another one or have the old one fixed. While I'm waiting to get it fixed, I am working on my new blog

Attended Superphone Investment Webinar

 Superphone, which was founded by Rapper Ryan Leslie, had a community investment webinar today. Ryan is very knowledgeable and he has a thorough understanding of investing and other biz related topics. Inspired me to go back and write a business plan and budget. Below are some screenshots not in order.

Working on Android app called The Protector

  Visit . This Android IDE was created originally by Google and MIT took the project. You use the Chrome browser to build the UI and the Blocks backend for the app functionality.

I Highly Recommend This Book

 For those who want to learn C# I recommend this book by Jamie Chan

 I use classes from to include a web browser in my Prince Fan 2 app. Their instructions were easy to follow. This feature has given my apps a touch of professionalism that I would not have without it. I would highly recommend it to developers despite the cost ($800). Anyway, check out my YouTube apps to see it.

How to handle the New Window Event error

An Essential Objects admin showed me how to handle the New Window event error.  You have to click on WebView then select the events icon and then scroll down to New Window then click on it and a method will be created. Type the following in the body of the method: //Step 1:             //Create a new Form with a blank WebControl             //This new Form is the popup window             Form wsform1 = new Form();             wsform1.Text = "Wesley Snipes Afterburn - by Jackson D.W.";             wsform1.Icon = Properties.Resources.WesleySnipes;             wsform1.WindowState = System.Windows.Forms.FormWindowState.Maximized;             EO.WinForm.WebControl wswebControl = new EO.WinForm.WebControl();             wswebControl.Dock = DockStyle.Fill;             wsform1.Controls.Add(wswebControl);             //Step 2:             //Put the new WebView (created by the browser engine)             //in the new blank WebControl             wswebControl.WebView = e.WebView;      

What's Next

 I've created some cool apps. The Muni Long Experience, Rhett Akins Fan 2, Nas Ether, The Faith, Prince Fan 2, and The Professor.  These are Windows 10 apps written in C# (pronounced CSharp). I'm trying to think of a way to get the word out about these apps. I have also created some C# Tutorials.  My stats for viewing these apps and tutorials is pretty low and I have to think of a way to increase them.