WELCOME to my App Development website

I've started back developing and I hope to develop apps for people who want a hard worker and someone dedicated to doing the best he can.  Also Jackson plans to create C# training videos in the future.  Thank you for taking the time to check out my company website.

Back At it

 My friend, Jon, asked me to do an app for him.  He calls it C System X.  He adapted the name from The X-Men and their leader Charles Xavier or Professor X as he sometimes called.  Do this app has motivated me to start back doing App design work. Another motivator is last year I signed up for the subscription for Visual Studio 2019.  It's $45 a month and I don't want to waste it. I was discouraged from doing App development because I have gotten into trouble in the past and with that record there are jobs that I may not be able to get.  I have dealt with mental health since 1999.  I've tried since 2004 to get back on track with the majority of my time doing art and writing and sometimes app development.  I have a BS and MS degree in Computer Science.  It would make more since for me to do computer work. Another thing this pandemic has show that scientists, doctors, nurses and other medical staff are badly needed.  Some jobs that may have be looked down upon are considered e


 I've been here before.  The indecision of what direction my career will go.  I have interests in art and writing and spent a lot of time doing it.  I made about $5000 from one of my books but that's it the others didn't sell.  I love art but my art just isn't where it needs to be to be really competitive with other artists. I got my degrees in computers science.  I worked in the computer field for 10 years before I got into trouble.  I don't think I can go back to the type of jobs I had because of my record. I haven't tried hard enough though. I had the Dream once.   Back in 2002, I had a house in Duluth, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia and I had a $70,000 job.  Being young and dumb I quit it in 2001mto pursue music production and at the same time do Java development. I had this idea of creating a multimedia company. I'm back to doing C# Windows App Development.  To me computer work is a safer bet than art or writing.  Once I went to a writing confere

Youtube Blocks its videos from C# apps

 C#'s webbrowser control is  an old version of Internet Explorer that you can drop into your app.    You use it to put a webrowser in your C# app.  Youtube had posted messages that it will no longer support older browsers so finally they cut support.  So a lot of my C# apps could no longer play Youtube videos there is only a black or white screen showing.  I updated the Prince Fan 2 app and the Rhett Akins Fan 2 app.   This has taught me an important lesson that you can't use other company's technology or depend on it because one day they may cut support.  I had done a Prince Fan app and it was really cool to see Prince's videos play in my app.  It wasn't my technology and I should not have depended on it to attract users to my app.

Clear Browsing Data solved a problem opening Documents in the Apps

In several of my apps users can view documents(PDFs) that I have stored on Google drive.  Recently whenever I would try to open the document it would hang and I would get a spinning circle.  Since the embedded browser is an older version of Internet Explorer. I opened Internet Explorer and cleared the browsing data and that solved the problem.

Promoting my twitter posts

I have a tweet where I give the url for my Joe Biden Supporter app.  To promote it I paid the minimum $50.  Minutes later I got a message from Twitter that they had stopped my twitter ad campaign because they say it violates their Ad Policies.  This is very upsetting to me and the fact that no matter what I post I rarely get likes and comments.  My plan is to use this blog more and get off  of twitter and facebook. Click HERE to download the Joe Biden Supporter App.


I KNOW LESS IS MORE, BUT MORE IS SCARY. SO THE MORE FEEDBACK I GET, THE SCARIER I GET, AND I DON'T LIKE HORROR. SO YOU KNOW WHAT'S WHAT - Derrick W. Jackson Learning something new can be intimidating and scary like the villian Jason from the Friday the Thirteenth Movies.  I am very inspired right now and the the more views and comments that I get the scarier I'd become.  I want to be scary and I want the write the best horror movie ever.  My Apps and training videos for the C# Programming Language.


The Old fairy tale when the hare raced the turtle and the hare lost because he was goofing off while the faithful turtle kept walking to the finish line. I have stoppd and started so many times in my life.  I've done computer work, art, and writing. I got into trouble  18 years ago  then recenting 2 years ago due to mental illness and I am still dealing with the ramifications of my actions.  For years I was depressed because I wanted my life back.  In 2017 I started back drawing and up until March 2020 I decided to make being an artist my career. So I've done a 180 degree turn back to working in the field that I was educated in.  Because I was born with a physical disability and then I started having mental health issues in 1999 I get a disability check from Social Security.  Even though I worked and paid into the system I felt guilty for a long time that I was getting the check.  Because I have a record I can't get the type of jobs that I use to have.  These factored