WELCOME to my App Development website

I've started back developing and I hope to develop apps for people who want a hard worker and someone dedicated to doing the best he can.  Also Jackson plans to create C# training videos in the future.  Thank you for taking the time to check out my company website.

What Can I Learn From My Friends And Family?

 I've been trying to make money in different ways and haven't gotten anywhere. I've bounced between computers, to art and writing. My brother Bernard is an X-ray Technologist and he has a successful lawn business on the side. My niece Victoria works for HUD and she has a successful event decorating business. My friend *** works for a company that does printing and he is a successful personal boxing trainer on the side.  Another not-so-close friend works at the post office and has a successful hairstyling business.  My friend and landlord Jon works full time for himself and he has a successful moving business. His company actually started out as a shipping business. He also paints and lays carpet. My nephew, Elijah works for the FDA and he has a successful cigar bar with his business partners.  What can I learn from them? There was a guy who was going from house to house in my neighborhood asking people if he could cut their yard. I told him that my landlord already has some

College Student creates an app using AI that recognizes sign language

A computer science student named Priyanjali Gupta, studying in her third year at Vellore Institute of Technology, has developed an AI-based model that can translate sign language into English. — Historic Vids (@historyinmemes) May 8, 2024

Javascript All In One For Dummies by Chris Minnick

 Javascript All In One For Dummies is the latest most up-to-date book by Chris Minnick for learning Javascript. I didn't know this, but I had bought an older outdated version. I left a review and Chris saw it and replied to me letting me know that he had a newer version of that book. He asked for my home address so he could send me a copy for free. I received the book on May 1, 2024, and I am binge-reading it right now. I hope to finish it today on this Memorial day holiday.

Random Thoughts - 4/24/2024

I started Jackson D.W. to work for myself. I have a new company and I need to put down on paper what direction I want it to go, how I will make money, and my goals and dreams for this business.   My goals for my company are  1. Teach C# and other programming languages   and operating systems. Some of my videos will be free on YouTube. But I will upload some to Udemy, a site where users can pay for your educational videos. 2.   Work to improve the Professor app that I created. This is my tool for teaching. In this Windows app, you can take my course The Jackson D.W. C# training course (On Youtube). Also, you can listen to the news, play games, and listen to music. I've got to work out the legalities of that. Please note this app is free. 3. Do IT consulting for various companies. I would be a self-employed Consultant. I'm not looking to create a consulting firm. 4. Write and sell Computer and Business books.   I self-publish my books through Amazon KDP so this is another aven

The Professor 2 app

 I am trying to think of more features to add to The Professor 2 app. Of course I  need more content. In time I will add more videos.

Essential Objects Admin solved my problem with the EO Web Browser

 When I tried to view my C# tutorials, I would get an error, "Your browser can't play this video." The Essential Objects Admin replied, " Please check if you enabled proprietary codec support:" Their document states you need to add this line of code: //Enable proprietary media formats support EO.WebEngine.Default.Options.AllowProprietaryMediaFormats(); After I added that line and ran the app, I was able to view all of my C# Tutorials with no problems. For more info click this link to view my post on EO's forums. I've updated The Professor 2 app. My main focus is The Professor app. I am not going to update the other apps since I never heard back from the artists. Doing those apps was a great learning experience.

Uploaded The Professor 2 app

 Because of an error where I could not view most of my C# tutorials in the Professor app, I had to implement a workaround where I opened the tutorials in the user's default browser. I posted this before, but the command to do that is Process.Start("url");