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 I bought a webbrowser control from Now I don't have to run a process to start Microsoft Edge. This webbrowser is based on Chromium which was created by Google. So in my app the websites I go to are displayed in the Prince Fan App window.  It is a dll (Dynamic Link Library) that you install. It was easy to set up and I was viewing the Prince Greatest Hit playlist on Youtube in just 30 minutes or less.

Found work-around for browser issue on

 I mentioned in a prior post that Youtube had cut support for older versions of Internet Explorer which is used by the web browser control in C#. I found a workaround on the Stack Overflow website. You can call a Process that launches Microsoft Edge. You just give it the url and Microsoft Edge would start and open the url you called. Using System.Diagnostics Process.Start("microsoft-edge:"); While I would prefer that the web page would open inside the app, this is the next best thing.

Focusing on C# Windows app development

 I made the decision to continue with C# development because I already have a few years experience with it. I need to reread some of the books I have to refresh myself with it. I think this is best for me. As far a programming with Xcode and Swift I'll read the book just to see. You never know, I may develop with it in the future.