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C# vs. Swift App development

I started learning C# a few years back. Then I stopped working with it mainly because I was upset that Youtube had cut support for older browsers. When creating an app you can insert a browser. That browser was an older version of internet explorer. So I had created a Prince Fan App and a Rhett Akins fan app where I had a browser in the apps. When Youtube cut support that wrecked my plans. I got frustrated with app development with the argument that what I learn in C# today won't be the same 5 or 10 years from now. For example, my HP computer has Windows 10. Microsoft recently released Windows 11. This is the type of change that I was talking about. I am reading a book on building apps for the MAC. The IDE is Xcode and the Programming language is Swift. Swift seems to be a lot more complicated than C#. Another thing is a MacBook Pro is a lot more expensive than an HP computer. The current HP I have was under $450. I have to keep this in mind. Since 2004 I have spent a lot of time d