C# vs. Swift App development

I started learning C# a few years back. Then I stopped working with it mainly because I was upset that Youtube had cut support for older browsers. When creating an app you can insert a browser. That browser was an older version of internet explorer. So I had created a Prince Fan App and a Rhett Akins fan app where I had a browser in the apps. When Youtube cut support that wrecked my plans.

I got frustrated with app development with the argument that what I learn in C# today won't be the same 5 or 10 years from now. For example, my HP computer has Windows 10. Microsoft recently released Windows 11. This is the type of change that I was talking about.

I am reading a book on building apps for the MAC. The IDE is Xcode and the Programming language is Swift. Swift seems to be a lot more complicated than C#. Another thing is a MacBook Pro is a lot more expensive than an HP computer. The current HP I have was under $450. I have to keep this in mind.

Since 2004 I have spent a lot of time drawing and writing books. I have watched my niece Victoria, and nephew Tyrese grow up. Victoria is in her 30s now and Tyrese is in his early 20s. I have not been able to support myself by doing art and writing.

I have a BS and MS in computers science. My goal should be to get back into the computer field. Despite having a criminal record. Basically, I have to work for myself

Sure to be a best-selling author or screenwriter is cool but how many people make it in that field and then continue to work in that field.

I'm 51 years old. It's time for me to grow up and work at something that is viable. I have to focus on working for myself and designing apps. 


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