Reading book on developing for macOS, iOS

 I'm really back at it. It's been a minute since I posted to this blog. Recently I spent time drawing and writing including writing screenplays. I had written a screenplay called Aaliyah: The Heavenly Kid which is a remake of the Heavenly Kid starring Aaliyah. A script consultant told me this is a lawsuit waiting to happen and no producer would touch it because I used Aaliyah (the singer) in the script and I used characters and plot from the movie The Heavenly Kid. Also, she told me around the way that you need a degree in Screenwriting.

I admit in the past I have wanted to be a famous writer or famous author. Now I just want to be able to support myself. Why not app development. My background and education is in Computer Science. If I become an expert in macOS or iOS or .net app development, I believe I can land a job or start a successful consulting company.

I want to thank those who posted positive comments on this blog. These comments have inspired me to continue to work towards this goal.


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