A hard decision

 I recently made the decision to focus on my art full-time. App development is expensive and I can't afford it now that I have a new car. I got it back in March. While working on the King Legacy app in Visual Studio. When I compiled and ran the application, the KingLegacy.exe was flagged as having a virus.  I made 3 versions of the app hoping that I could avoid the virus infecting the new app. I does not take long to create these apps. But I can't risk releasing it and infecting a customer's PC. 

Also, I have a Windows 10 PC with my software on that. I needed to be migrating to Windows 11 and if I did I would have to get a new computer or keep and upgrade my new one. Again App Development is expensive and it is hard for 1 man to compete with these larger companies. 

Finally, technology changes fast and you have to be constanly updating your computer skills. This is a known fact for those working in the computer field.

I learned a lot and I was glad that I was able to make some cool Windows Apps and create a C# Training Course. In the past, I switched from art to writing to app development and because of that, I was not an expert. I feel for me doing art is my best path forward.

* Dang - I had Nord VPN and McAfee and I still got hacked!!!!1 *


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