Back At it

 My friend, Jon, asked me to do an app for him.  He calls it C System X.  He adapted the name from The X-Men and their leader Charles Xavier or Professor X as he sometimes called.  Do this app has motivated me to start back doing App design work. Another motivator is last year I signed up for the subscription for Visual Studio 2019.  It's $45 a month and I don't want to waste it.

I was discouraged from doing App development because I have gotten into trouble in the past and with that record there are jobs that I may not be able to get.  I have dealt with mental health since 1999.  I've tried since 2004 to get back on track with the majority of my time doing art and writing and sometimes app development.  I have a BS and MS degree in Computer Science.  It would make more since for me to do computer work.

Another thing this pandemic has show that scientists, doctors, nurses and other medical staff are badly needed.  Some jobs that may have be looked down upon are considered essential.


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