I've been here before.  The indecision of what direction my career will go.  I have interests in art and writing and spent a lot of time doing it.  I made about $5000 from one of my books but that's it the others didn't sell.  I love art but my art just isn't where it needs to be to be really competitive with other artists.

I got my degrees in computers science.  I worked in the computer field for 10 years before I got into trouble.  I don't think I can go back to the type of jobs I had because of my record. I haven't tried hard enough though.

I had the Dream once.   Back in 2002, I had a house in Duluth, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia and I had a $70,000 job.  Being young and dumb I quit it in 2001mto pursue music production and at the same time do Java development. I had this idea of creating a multimedia company.

I'm back to doing C# Windows App Development.  To me computer work is a safer bet than art or writing.  Once I went to a writing conference and one of the panelists of a discussion group said that the money/royalties you get from writing isn't enough you still have to have a job.  

I learned the hard way that you have to keep your "day" job.  I know how the computer field is.  One minute one technology or programming language is popular then bam things go in another direction.  Do I have the stomach for this.  If I learn C# pronounced CSharp and then bam Microsoft discontinues it or it isn't relevant anymore how will I react after putting so much time in it.

I want to do C# training videos.  I have a few already and when I get better at the language myself I plan to do more.  My goal is to do C# training courses and put it on Udemy. Also will write computer books and of course create cool Apps.  Currently leaning towards games but may plan on some educational apps.


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